El Ritmo

Identity Design, Illustration

El Ritmo


El Ritmo


El Ritmo or “The Rhythm” en Inglés – the cocktail Giancarlo Quiroz Jesus (of Gastown’s The Diamond) created to enter the 2015 Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. A modern take on the classic Piña Colada, Gian created El Ritmo to embody the Latino spirit in its vibrant, dynamic flavours. The logo is inspired by vintage South American Bacardi rum advertisements, Flamenco, and the blazing South American sun. You can find Gian artfully crafting cocktails at The Diamond in Gastown, one of Vancouver’s most prestigious cocktail bars. After moving on from the regional competition, Gian’s cocktail el Ritmo landed him in the top 25 of the global competition. Congratulations Gian!


Logo Design
Card Design
Coaster Design


Dylan Hamm (Photography)

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